Friday, February 21, 2020

Weekly Montana Hay Report

Compared to the last week: All classes of hay sold fully steady. 
Demand for squares continues to be good on mostly light to moderate
offerings, with higher quality offerings in lighter supply and heavier
supplies seen on fair and utility quality hay. Supplies of hay in rounds
remains moderate to heavy as a mostly open, mild winter allowed for lighter
hay usage. Ranchers continue to buy hay on an as need basis. Straw sales 
lightened over the last week to two weeks as milder weather and lighter 
snowfall has slowed demand for straw. All prices are dollars per ton and 
FOB unless otherwise noted.

Alfalfa:   Supreme:  Small squares, NA
                     Large squares, 175.00-190.00 
                     Large rounds,  NA
           Premium:  Large squares, 150.00-175.00
                     Large rounds,  NA
                     Small squares, 225.00-250.00
           Good:     Large squares, 125.00-150.00
                     Large rounds,  110.00-120.00
                     Small squares, 175.00-180.00
         Fair/Good:  Large squares, 110.00-125.00, 
                     Large rounds,  80.00-100.00   old crop 60.00-80.00
                     Small Squares, 125.00-150.00
           Utility   Large rounds,  40.00-60.00
                     Large squares, 70.00-110.00

Alfalfa:   Premium:  Small squares, 180.00
           Good:     Large rounds,  125.00-135.00  
                     Small squares, NA
                     Large squares, 130.00
           Fair:     Large squares, 100.00-110.00
                     Large rounds,  75.00-100.00, old crop 60.00
                     Small squares, 160.00
           Utility:  Large squares, NA
                     Large rounds,  50.00-70.00
Grass:     Premium   Large squares  150.00 export
                     Large rounds,  125.00
                     Small squares, NA
           Good:     large squares, 130.00 export
                     Large rounds,  85.00-110.00
           Fair:     Large squares, 100.00-125.00 
                     Large rounds,  70.00-85.00
                     Small squares, NA
           Utility:  Large rounds,  65.00-75.00
                     Large squares, NA
                     Small squares, NA          

Grass:     Premium:  Small squares, 240.00-270.00
           Premium:  Large rounds,  NA
           Good:     Large rounds,  NA
                     Small squares, 160.00-180.00
Barley               Large squares, 40.00-45.00
straw:               Large rounds,  40.00-50.00
                     Small squares, NA
Wheat straw:
South central        Large squares, 35.00-45.00 
                     Large rounds,  40.00
Northern             Large squares, 35.00-45.00
                     Large rounds,  35.00-45.00


Rock Valley Hay Auction (Thur) - Rock Valley, IA


South Dakota Weekly Hay Summary

All prices per ton, unless noted, FOB the stack.

   Compared to last week:  Alfalfa steady to weak.  Very good demand
for high quality, high feed value tested hay, only moderate demand
for lower quality hay.  Very good demand remains for corn stalks
and straw as supplies of bedding are rather limited.  Hay buyers are
being more price conscious currently than they were earlier in the
winter.  Western SD hay has come east helping to meet hay needs which
has added some pressure to the market for hay sellers.  Cold temps
and a large amount of snow on the ground in north/northeast SD is keeping
the need for hay high for beef cattle operators in this part of the
state.  All hay and straw sold by the ton FOB, unless otherwise noted.

   Alfalfa:  Supreme:  Large Squares, 250.00-300.00.  Premium:  Large
Squares, 300.00 del.; Small Squares, 6.00 per bale.  Good:  Large 
Squares, 200.00.  Fair:  Large Squares, 150.00-175.00; Large Rounds,
130.00.  Utility:  Large Rounds and Squares, 110.00-130.00, 65.00 per

   Sun-cured Alfalfa pellets:  15 pct 220.00; 17 pct 225.00.  Alfalfa
Meal: 17 pct 230.00.

   Grass:  Premium:  Small Squares, 5.00 per bale; Large Squares, 170.00,
85.00 per bale.  Good:  Large Squares, 110.00 Western SD.  Utility:
Large Rounds, 60.00 Western SD.

   Alfalfa/Grass Mix:  Premium:  Small Squares, 7.00 per bale, 252.50 per
ton.  Good:  Large Squares, 175.00; Large Rounds, 140.00.  Fair:  Large
Rounds, 120.00.

   Straw:  Large Rounds, 60.00 per bale, 40.00 Western SD.

   Corn Stalks:  No reported sales.


California Hay Report

  Compared to last week:  Trade activity moderate on moderate demand.  
Hay is reported FOB the stack or barn unless otherwise noted.  Regions 
are defined at bottom of report. 

Tons:  4976    Last Week:  4275    Last Year:  1801                            

Region 1: North Inter-Mountain:                                                
                             Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
      Premium                 200  200.00-200.00  200.00    Retail/Stable     

Region 2: Sacramento Valley: No New Sales Confirmed.                           

Region 3: Northern San Joaquin Valley:                                         
                             Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
      Supreme                  50  230.00-230.00  230.00                       
                              700  285.00-285.00  285.00 Del                   
                              300  285.00-285.00  285.00 Del High Testing 
      Premium                  50  290.00-290.00  290.00 Del Stable     
      Fair/Good              1000  200.00-225.00  212.50 Del                   
      Fair                    750  220.00-235.00  223.00 Del                   
      Good                    126  165.00-175.00  170.00 Del                   
      Good                    100  135.00-135.00  135.00                       

Region 4: Central San Joaquin Valley: No New Sales Confirmed.    

Region 5: Southern California:                                                 
                             Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
      Premium                 150  279.00-279.00  279.00    Retail/Stable     
  Forage Mix-Three Way                                                         
      Good                     50  260.00-260.00  260.00    Retail/Stable     

Region 6: Southeast California:                                                
                             Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
      Premium/Supreme        1200  205.00-205.00  205.00                       
      Premium                 300  210.00-230.00  220.00    Retail/Stable     

The following are the counties included in each region:                        
Region 1: Siskiyou, Modoc, Shasta, Lassen, and Plumas.                         
Region 2: Tehama, Glenn, Butte, Colusa, Sutter, Yuba, Sierra, Nevada, 
Placer, Yolo, El Dorado, Solano, Sacramento, Amador, and Alpine.             
Region 3: San Joaquin, Calaveras, Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Mono, Merced, 
Region 4: Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare, and Inyo.                             
Region 5: Kern, Northeast Los Angeles, and Western San Bernardino.             
Region 6: Eastern San Bernardino, Riverside, and Imperial.                     


Washington-Oregon (Columbia Basin) Weekly Hay Report

Tons:  2275    Last Week:  2300    Last Year:  1800                   

   Compared last Friday, All grades of Alfalfa and Timothy steady in a light 
test. Trade slow this week and expected to stay slow till new crop. Demand remains 
moderate. Feed store/retail steady. All prices are dollars per ton and FOB the farm 
or ranch unless otherwise stated. Delivered prices include freight, commissions and 
other expenses. Forage Products leaving the Seattle-Tacoma port for 2019 totaled 
148,744 containers. Cereal straw & husks for the same period totaled 18,920 

                             Tons      Price     Wt. Avg    Comments
    Mid Square                                                            
      Premium                 300 200.00-200.00 200.00     Tarped         
      Fair/Good               300 160.00-170.00 165.00     Tarped         
      Fair                    125 185.00-185.00 185.00 Del Bottom Bales   

    Small Square                                                          
      Premium                 225 240.00-240.00 240.00     Retail/Stable  

  Alfalfa/Orchard Mix                                                     
    Small Square                                                          
      Premium                 125 260.00-260.00 260.00     Retail/Stable  

  Timothy Grass                                                           
    Mid Square                                                            
      Good/Premium            700 150.00-150.00 150.00     Export         
      Fair/Good               500 130.00-130.00 130.00     Export 


Idaho Weekly Hay Report

Tons:  1635    Last Week:  1700    Last Year:  7700       

   Compared to last Friday, Utility/Fair Alfalfa steady in a light test. Trade 
remains very slow. Demand remains slow to moderate as most interests are busy 
shipping previously bought supplies. Trade sources indicate their might be more 
carryover supplies than previously thought. New crop contracts offered for 2020 
export Alfalfa are 1.00/point FOB with tests of 150 RFV or higher. Retail/Feed 
store not tested this week. Prices are dollars per ton and FOB the farm or ranch 
unless otherwise stated.  
                       Tons      Price    Wt. Avg    Comments
    Mid Square                                                 
      Utility/Fair      910 145.00-150.00 147.61     Tarped    

  Barley Straw                                                 
    Mid Square                                                 
      Fair              725   60.00-60.00    60.00             


Weekly Texas Hay Report

   Compared to last report:  Hay trades are steady.  Hay demand is 
moderate at best, with most producers feeding less than in years past due 
to mild winter weather.  North, Central, and East Texas continue to deal 
with mud which has slowed fieldwork.  Cooler temperatures and flurries 
moved across the Panhandle midweek, but very little moisture accompanied 
this system.  West and South Texas are still very dry.  According to the 
Texas Crop and Weather report, rainfall in South Texas has been below 
average since November.  

   The Texas Department of Agriculture has Hay and Grazing phone set 
up for Buyers and sellers looking for hay or grazing; the number is 1-
512-787-9966. The website for the hotline is:

Panhandle/High Plains:
 Alfalfa: Large Squares: Delivered: Supreme: 275.00-300.00; Premium: 
230.00-260.00; Good: 175.00-190.00; Utility 130.00.              
 Small bales: Delivered: Premium: 260.00-275.00, 8.00-9.00 per bale. 
 Ground Alfalfa: Delivered to feedlots: Avg 190.00-196.00. 
                                            Calf 205.00-210.00. 
 Coastal Bermuda: Large Bales: Delivered: Premium: 160.00- 180.00
 Sorghum: Large Bales: Delivered: Good: 95.00-125.00.
      Oat: Large Bales: Delivered: 160.00.
      Cotton Burrs: Delivered: 92.00-105.00. 
Far West Texas/Trans Pecos: 
 Alfalfa: Small Squares: Delivered local or FOB: Premium to Supreme:
      290.00-330.00, 10.00-11.00 per bale.
      Large Squares: FOB: Premium to Supreme: 250.00-265.00. 
      Triticale: Large Rounds: FOB: 65.00 per roll.

North, Central, and East Texas:
 Alfalfa: Large Squares: Delivered: Premium to Supreme: 255.00-
 270.00, instances 280.00.
    Coastal Bermuda: Small Squares: FOB: Premium: 260.00-330.00, 8.00-
10.00 per bale; Good: 200.00-260.00, 6.00-10.00 per bale.
      Large Rounds: FOB: Good to Premium: 120.00-140.00, 60.00-70.00 per 
South Texas:
    Coastal Bermuda: Small Squares: FOB: Good to Premium: 260.00-
330.00, 8.00-10.00 per bale; Fair to Good: 165.00-260.00, 5.00-8.00 per 
  Large Rounds: FOB and delivered locally: Good to Premium: 120.00-
 160.00, 60.00-80.00 per roll; Fair or Grass Mix: 100.00-110.00, 
50.00-55.00 per roll.